Friday, 26 September 2008

Rusty's Aphorisms


Lust, though to a radiant angel linked,
sates itself in a celestial bed,
then preys on garbage.

The carabao is slow, but the Earth is patient.

The light that shines twice as bright burns half as long.

An irresistible impulse for mischief.

Not my ideal of life, but the best compromise with prevailing circumstances.

An irresponsible pursuit of financial interests at the expense of moral principles.

Hardship (adversity) instills a spirit of positive resourcefulness in direct proportion to itself.

One of the main problems with being Top Dog is the time and effort
expended in repeatedly cocking a leg to re-mark threatened territory.

His appointment with Destiny seems to be perpetually postponed.

The study of history is not a bilateral arrangement between nations.

Common sense and logic are not constants in the behaviour of nations.

Trading partners do not go to war against each other: WRONG !

A perennial and destructive impulse for mischief.

Happiness is contrasted proportionately to one’s current
surroundings and prevailing circumstances.

Position through Poise, Audacity, and Resolve.

The type of person who thinks wood grows on trees.

A frog who dreams of being a toad.

The foulest four-letter word of all: POOR! or, for Pommies : WASH!! or BATH!!!

Human rights - human wrongs.

Tuan. Bumi Putra. Kosher. Karma.

Alike Captain Queeg hunting down the strawberries.

The Diseases of Venus.
First rule of management / government strategies : Divide and conquer.
Adam & Steve. Madam & Eve.

Unqualified arrogance.

The Cult of the Personality.

The Power of the Pussy.

If his dick’s the same size as his brain, then he’s got real problems.

The U.S. of America’s first global export: Colt revolvers / GUNS!

I have nothing in common with your God: He is a cruel and capricious being.

Management: the judicious use of means to achieve an end.

Supervision : a critical observance and direction of activities.

Fanta fe : All is in flux.

Silence is a conspiracy within itself.

A master of self-magnification.

Patriotism is the last resort of political scoundrels.

Republic of the Philistines.

To the Benefit of the Few, and the Detriment of the Many.

Patron Saint of the Impossible.

Taught her all she knows, but not all I know.

Hope she gives breech birth to a porcupine : with antlers.

Can’t make furniture out of firewood.

Never use the best woods for kindling.

Lost the habit of truth.

DOSRI : Directors, Officers, Seniors, Related Interests.

Due diligence.

Pawned its moral franchise.

As fuel efficient as a garden bonfire.

The Three M’s philosophy : Mercenaries, Missionaries and Misfits.

Liberty is the luxury of self-discipline.

Chance favours the prepared mind.

Eggs to hatch, cats to kill.

If it was easy, then women and kids would be doing it !

A basic architectural credo : that form must follow function.

A pair of boots made out of pussy: fit like a glove and never wear out.


Jukebox politician: drop a few coins in and plays whatever tune you like.

Definition of a volunteer: Someone who has totally
misunderstood the question put to them.

Swimming at the shallow end of the gene pool.

Assumption wears a cloak of errors.

Close enough only applies to horse shoes and hand grenades.

A squeaky wheel gets the grease. (and sometimes: replaced.)

Favourite nation? Donation!

Religion: more scent than substance.

Loose lips sink ships.

Ham and eggs: the pig’s committed, while the chicken is only involved.

More marinated than drunk.

Communism runs counter to human nature.

The K.G. - used to B.

La Donna Errante:

The Second Oldest Profession: (prostitution / 1st is grave-digging.)

Work? No thanks, I’ll stick with the freedom and independence my poverty provides.

For purposes of belligerence we command a technology of far greater evolution than our
moral and intellectual abilities to rationally commit such to destructive use.

Man created God, not God man.

The Goddess below her navel.

Wood: botanical corpse.

Scrap paper: another half acre of rain forest gone!

Ambitions beyond the scope of his abilities.

Catholic priests: renown for dogma, simony and sodomy.

Politicians: one level above child molesters.

Water takes the path of least resistance.

Folded his proverbial tent.

Local neighbourhood Anti-Christ.

Revolution is orbital and turns a full circle:
Movement is undefined in direction ordistance: it usually proceeds so far, and then stops.

If symptoms persist, consult an undertaker.

Matreiya: 1965!

Wife is Asawa : then Kabit Querida Kulasisi: . High-maintenance assets.

Another victim of neglect.

Never invest in anything that requires feeding or repainting.

Menu: Do you have a 1997 / current edition?

Flat out -- like a lizard drinking.

Cancer of the personality.

Seen better organised riots.

An in-growing foreskin.

The Packrat. The Bower bird.

Believe a job worth doing might be a job worth doing badly.

Phallopian Air Lines. PAL.

Amateurs posing as professionals.

A circus without a tent.

Government: A political order where the majority obey the authority of a minority.

Humanity: endowed with the facility of logic and reason, prefers folly :
than the logical and moral capacities that guide its uses.

Conflicts that invariably have a tendency to halt far
short of their original political objectives.

Chaos is the primary order of Nature.

Victims of speciesism.

Canine slaves.

Botanical companion.

Botanical corpse.

Exercising his democratic right to talk and act like a fool.

Punctuality is a sign of respect for another persons’ time.

The certainty of this world is preferable to the dubiousness of the next.

They depict each other as fools, and are unfortunately, both (all) correct.

When ignorance is bliss, it is folly to be wise.

Virago: A woman of great strength and stature.

Misery loves company.

Stood up to be counted amongst the ranks of the Forces of Darkness.

They can be led, but not driven.

In God we trust : all others - CASH.

Deja vu.

An established lie can, and oft does, become an established truth.

A job worth doing might be a job worth doing badly.

Nine-tenths of Humanity isn’t worth saving.

The Formal Pressure of Diplomatic Grand Remonstrance’s.

It might suffice as a Statement of Position, but not as an Explanation.

Measure twice : cut once. (Engineering maxim.)

Schwein en schlippe. ( Pig in knickers.)

A supernatural constitution.

Accomplishment basis.

Rules of engagement.

Receptive to……..

Absence of conflict is no assurance of peace.

Politics are not perception, but illusion.

Fears for / doubts the Integrity of………

Gwailow / Falang.

//?? ……. is not a recognised profession.

Prudent to / Prudence dictates.

TIME is NOT a weekly news magazine.

Moral erosion.


Shinkansen bullet train.


Disable does not qualify as unable.

Turning Bipeds into men.

Philippines: the 51st State!! No way, & reasons why / voting franchise.

Rep. of the Philistines.

Persuaded into co-operative participation via the tried and
proven diplomatic methods of bribery and corruption.

Never trust anyone who bleeds that much every month and doesn’t die!

Anyone who bleeds that much every month, and doesn’t die, shouldn’t be trusted.

Jesus saves --- but the Pope invests !!!

Burning daylight.

At risk / In harms way.

A mind smaller than his Ego.

Power is an illusion, for it is forever accompanied by obligations that are greater still.

The Peter Principle: In any hierarchy, people tend to rise to their greatest level of incompetence.

THEY: the Universal appellation for those who are not part of one’s own community.

There is a commonality among all men.

INFORMATION : the most valuable commodity known to man.

Passion is the enemy of precision.

The myth perpetuated eternally : because it cannot be irrefutably proven such did not occur.

The phenomena of HERD BEHAVIOUR : Man, as part of the pack.

The Herd Instinct.

Man proves to be yet another of Nature’s dismal evolutionary failures.

The Petrine Rock.

Man’s curious refusal to behave rationally in what seems his own best interest.

Der Ubermensch : the Higher Man.

Laws governing the Conduct of War are rendered impotent by the
Laws of Fact and Harsh Reality.

The Architecture of a Utopia of Global Harmony can only be designed by ignoring the established testimony of History, and Human Behaviour.

Progress and gain by one group is not accomplished without the loss of some
fundamental values of another party.

Racial primacy.

Never seen a kitchen so filthy that even the cockroaches came out spewing.

P.B.R. : Paid by Results.

The Five P’s Philosophy : Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.

D.C.M. : Don’t come Monday.

Do it once … Do it Right!


Advanced Guesswork.

Given time and money : can achieve anything.

It’s never a failure until you walk away from it.

Sometimes equalled : never beaten.

Instant drunk : add alcohol.

What could be done with a Canadian, if caught so young? Turn him into an Australian!

It’s hard to soar like an eagle when you’re surrounded by chickens.

No problems : only solutions.

Measure twice : cut once.

A lazy man always finds the hardest way to do a job.

An ambition to be reincarnated as a tablecloth :
Get laid three times a day, and pulled off after every meal.

Send lawyers, guns and money because the shit has hit the fan…
doesn’t matter in which order, but all will be required.

The Intellectual Stimulation of watching paint dry.

The next quantum leap in telecommunications: answering machines with artificial intelligence/self-awareness: that return calls without consulting you !

Human Resource management skills rate in at ZERO.

We, the Unwilling, led by the Unqualified, have done the Improbable for so long, with so little,
we can now achieve the Impossible : with absolutely FUCK ALL.

6-7-2 / 1-5-9 / 8-3-4.

Collateral damage.

Oestrogen-deficiency / excess.


Roman Catholicism : the longest-running & most successful
confidence trick ever pulled in recorded History.

More a “LOOPHOLE” system than a legal system.

Everything in Moderation : especially Moderation.

Explanation, Demonstration, Imitation. ( Can develop into #4 : Innovation )

Better to be tried by TWELVE than carried by SIX.

Either Lead, Follow, or get out of the Fucking Way !

Welfare Officer in a concentration camp.

Chinese Fire Drill Instructor.

Groups of self-interest.

Statement of Methodology / Method Statement. Scope of Works.


Decisive and Assertive , emanating self-confidence
and self-reliance = leadership qualities.

Totally uncoordinated and chronically dysfunctional.

Indecisive and slow/dull—witted.

Mental lethargy.

Iron Sulphide ( Fool’s Gold ) : PHIL RUDISONE
Fabrication : BRIAN FIOTA
Deception : PETE DICON

Went / Gone Ballistic

Could fuck up a perfectly good anvil.

If you’re up early enough in a morning, you can piss in a stoat’s ear.

Power is an illusion, for it is always accompanied by responsibilities that are greater still.

A mind / intellect far smaller than his EGO.

Propaganda is the Illustrious Courtesan of Espionage.

Cronyism, Collusion, Corruption, and Complacency : The Curse of the 4 C’s.

A Halo is often a Noose that hasn’t yet slipped into Position.

Cash cow.

Alike Adultery, its essence is Concealment.

( Wanton act / s of : ) Reckless imprudence resulting in ………….

Arsehole Tax !!

Stop and Rob, Chew and Spew, Local / Convenience Vomitarium
Bad-cholesterol vomitarium. Local food poisoning centre.
Botulism and Beans Bistro. Salmonella Sandwich Centre.
Pedro’s Pukery. Barf ‘s Botulism Bistro. Retcher’s Restaurant
Vic’s Vomitarium. Restaurant a la Retch. Salmonella Spewery.
Chunder Café.

The Asbo Arms……..Asbo Annie

Running : far more than mere physical exercise alone, it has now evolved
into a highly spiritual method of meditation.

The Jerusalem Syndrome : Apocalyptic.

Spiritual transition via Divine Rapture.

Theophany : Manifestation of a Diety to a Mortal.

Extreme / Chronic Courtesy Disorder / Courtesy Deficiency Syndrome.

Passport to Social Acceptance cancelled.

Tetragrammaton : Y - H - W - H.

Odi et amo : love-hate relationship.

Crapehanger : Morose, gloomy or pessimistic person.

Indulgences and Benefices.

All Lies eventually lead to the Truth.

From experience and knowledge of life, we distillate sagacity and wisdom.

The 3-D’s / A 3-D campaign : Disinformation, Disaffection & Destabilization.

Necrotizing enterocolitis due to severe multiple parasitic infestation.

Hypertestosteronism / Hypertestosterone secretion.

A Decision of Last Recourse.

The Direct Blame for the Ubiquitous Bureaucratic Graft & Corruption lies in the
election of Incompetents and Criminals by an Uneducated and Unsophisticated

God : An Omnipotent mythological bogeyman, customized
by religions to suit their own selfish ends.

Alike Siberia, with neon signs, functioning traffic lights and security guards.

Devotion to Religion : A definite form of psychological disorder.

Religion : Mythological literature.

Religion : Alike the Sphinx and Pyramids, a Curiosity worth
contemplation and study, but definitely not worship.

Religion : Institutionalized as propitiatory magic, and perpetuated as a fat racket for priests.

1st Amendment : Freedom of speech & religious worship
2nd :Right to bear arms.
4th : Right of search & seizure regulated
13th : Slavery abolished.
16th “ Income taxes authorised.
18th : Prohibition of liquor / Volkstead Act : 18/12/1917-ratified 16/1/1919
Eventually adopted by all States, except Connecticut & Rhode island.
19th : Giving nationwide suffrage to women.
Repeal of 18th Amendment : 20/2/1933. Ratified5/12/1933.

All that we forge and temper in Life reverberates for Eternity .

Know a man’s weaknesses by his boasts.

Know a man’s strengths by his modesty.

Jews : the children of the covenant.

Smiling like a puppy dog who has just discovered it can suck its own dick.

There is no Truth except that which men desire to hear.

God ? : believe in nothing higher than the trees, for the sky too might well be an illusion.

It is futile to fight Nature : especially Human nature.

The type of person even mosquitoes and tapeworms avoid.

Heavily invested in self-glorification.

Suffering from Cognitive Impairment where matters of the Truth are concerned.

Where Ignorance is Bliss, it is folly to be Wise.

Silence is the mark of Greatness.

The Oasis of Sleep.

A 3-D campaign : Disinformation, Disaffection & Destabilization.

Better an empty gun than no gun at all.

The Pleasure is in the Journey.

Tribute to the Moon / Lunar Tribute : Menses.

Possession is nine-tenths of the law.

Look with your eyes, and not your hands.

Conspicuous by its Absence.

Never reach beyond thy grasp.

Communism is Political heresy.

Takes communion with questionable deities.

A standing prick has no conscience.

In nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti, absolvo tuum.

A Heap is a gathering / conclave of Shits.

The Sixth Sense ? A sense of Humour.

A lot of Mongrel in his genes.

The AFF couldn’t sort shit from ShineOla.

Seen better organized riots than this web site.

2 turns n 2 half-hitches – hold anything !

Keelhauling, or 20 strokes of the Cat ?

CyberS’ is about as S’ stimulating as watching paint dry.



Mons Pubis Mons Veneris

Just Cruisin’

Made a career / fortune out of Human frailty.

Mother is the name of Love on the lips of all children.

Love n’ Lust .

U and the Dodo are going to have something in common.

????? just shit kittens.

More degrees than a thermometer .

Surplus to requirements.

Been around the world more times than Skylab.

Exacted disproportionate retribution physical damage / injury / trauma.

My own personal Spice Girl…Oriental Spice.

Celestial Entity / Divine / Oriental Angel .

Lust, though to a radiant angel linked, sates itself in a celestial bed, then preys on garbage.

Mainstream .

Domino effect on human perception .

Decimated true accounts of history .

The Law of One.

Common Herd….More at Sheeple than People.

Laws / Rules n’ Regulations : For the guidance of the intelligencia and
the blind obedience of the masses / common herd / idiots .

Poor is the pupil who does not surpass his Master .

Shall always have what he needs, but never more.

The naturally-talented, forever judged by the talentless.

Offering the public the greatest discomfort n inconvenience at the highest prices.

An aircraft in search of a route.

Uncomfortable with those more intelligent than himself.

Creative polymaths: intellectually powered to shape, rather than follow, trends.

Debt junkie.

Turned risk-avoidance into a artform.

Virgin’s immaculacy.

A Duopoly.

Perceived success .

An aspiration dressed up as a decision.

When the only tool you possess is a hammer, then every problem begins to look like a nail.

An Omerta .

The convenience of concealment through Chaos.

Even the existence of secrecy requires concealment.

Why let facts and logic stand in the way of a good argument.

Opportunities Multiply as they are Seized .

Caution is not stronger than Fate.

This cretin, if his IQ was 5 points lower, would have to be watered daily.

Knowledge is the mortal enemy of Superstition .

It is not our abilities that show what we truly are…. it is our choices.

At the mercy (sic) of unregulated global capital in the extractive industries.

The Peter Principle : In any hierarchy, people tend to rise to their
greatest level of incompetence.

Jurisprudence is not equivocal .

Morality is a private & costly luxury .

Never take the credit, or the blame, for something you did not do.

Always tell the truth .

Those who would trade liberty for security deserve neither.

Each word has an echo. So does each silence.

Fear not the path of Truth for the lack of people walking on it.

Deception can only take place where there is a lack of knowledge.


The basic difference between an ordinary man and a warrior is that a warrior takes everything as a challenge, while an ordinary man takes everything as a blessing or as a curse.

The survival of the official lie depends solely on its constant repetition.


Omnia Mutantur …… All is in flux .

Environment : Nature is the Bank on which all Cheques are ultimately Drawn.

The Past is private property and trespass by curious researchers is actively discouraged.

The past n the future are private property.

A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes……Mark Twain

No trees were harmed in posting this message. However, a large number of electrons were terribly inconvenienced.

No one is a stranger, they are simply friends you've not yet met

It takes two people to lie. One to tell it, the other to listen….and believe.

The perceived ability to create Reality.

All History is a well-contrived Hoax / an edited recording of events.

21st Century Reality has been shrouded in a matrix of deceitful propaganda.

Creatures with frontal paired eyes are Predators.
This occular configuration allows them to judge the distance between them and their intended prey. ( Man has frontal paired eyes )

Sir, I send a rhyme excelling
In sacred truth and rigid spelling
Numerical sprites elucidate
For me the lexicon's full weight Pi…3:14 to x ? digits infinite
Sir, I bear a rhyme excelling
In mystic force and magic spelling


Is it the Truth ?
Is it fair to all concerned ?
Will it build goodwill & friendship between men ?
Will it benefit all concerned ?

I don’t give a damn whether the cross is made of gold or silver or what-the-hell.
All I have in mind is to do away with CRUCIFIXION !

The key to balanced and sustainable development is to empower the
people and strengthen the middle class.
This can be attained through:
1) An improved quality of education that moulds a patriotic mindset with global consciousness in the youth sector.
2) The development of co-operatives and small / medium-sized businesses
while also attracting foreign investments.
3) Peace, order and security through a reconstructed national police and
military institution : exorcised of the present graft and corruption.
4) The promotion of local autonomy that ensures equitable allocation of
resources, authorities and responsibilities.
5) A collective pride in the national cultural and historical heritage.
In building a nation to be proud of, in which every Filipino must be a
stakeholder, and not a mere beneficiary relying on the hand-outs and
patronage of family or government.
6) The eradication of political dynasties and the established oligarchies,
and of patronage and crony politics by parties of self-interest.

7) The establishment of a judicial system devoid of patronage, graft,
and corruption, and revitalised with open honesty and efficiency.

The Club is the symbol of Vengance, and the Friend of no Man.
The Diamond is the symbol of Avarice.
The Heart is the symbol of Unselfish and Divine Love.
The Spade is the symbol of Death.

Traitors must be exposed to the light.
That is where they shrivel like vampires.
Their condign punishment is death.
The tree of liberty must be watered
From time to time
With the blood of tyrants!
Free of all Liens, Encumberances, Restrictions, Mortgages or Constraints.

The Dragon :
Of the four symbolic animals which figure prominently in Oriental
mythology – the dragon, the unicorn, the tortoise, and the phoenix –
the dragon is the most important.
Dragons are immortal. They live beneath the earth, in the sea, or in
the air, and though there are not many dragons, their number can increase
because another fabulous creature – half lizard , half snake – becomes a
dragon at the age of a thousand years.
The dragon’s appearance is fierce, with horns atop its head, protruding
demonic eyes, scales running down its neck to its flaming tail, eagle claws,
and the paws of a tiger; yet it is not a symbol of evil, but rather of power,
nobility, and intelligence.


The Club is the symbol of Vengance, and the Friend of no Man.
The Diamond is the symbol of Avarice.
The Heart is the symbol of Unselfish and Divine Love.
The Spade is the symbol of Death.


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